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Below are just a few review highlights but if you want to check out all our reviews why not visit Facebook & Google for more information about Kreuzung Dog Coach and more information about our team:

“With Kathy’s knowledge in animal behaviour & experience in dogg training, she has successfully helped me place hundreds of dogs into homes . Dogs that may not have otherwise had a chance to ever be adopted because of their behavioral issues”

Angelika C.
Dallas/Fort Worth


“Thanks to Kathy my dog Sadi, went from a reactive animal to a confident family pet. I really appreciated Kathy’s knowledge and approach.

Janette G.

“Kathy is the dog whisperer of the North Texas area! I have never seen my do respond to anyone the way he does with her. My dog is compliant obedient, and eager to please. Happy dog, happy life!”

Jeff W
LIttle Elm


“When Kathy Ingram recommends a dog for therapy training, I can depend on her evaluation and training that hte dog is ready . She is an asset to our therapy program in assessing dogs. She takes command of a dog in a quite manner & can teah them as if she is in their world of understading. This is a gift and it is wonderful for your dog if she is able to train it.

Harriett T

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